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spherical aberration

spherical aberration of a spherical refracting surface

Fill in all input cells.
Choose all parameters un0t.
n0 and n1 can be either values or references of glasses from the catalog.
If values only are entered, the wavelength will not be considered.
R and x are algebric or infinite. Enter "infinite" for a plane surface or for an object at infinity.
Positive direction is according the horizontal arrow in the bottom right of the scheme.

lto be calculated
dyto be calculated
spherical aberration of a spherical refracting surface
R : radius of curvature of the refracting surface D : clear aperture of the refracting surface ( located on the surface and not in the plane tangent to the surface and passing through the apex S ) n0 : refraction index of the first medium n1 : refraction index of the second medium x : distance from the refracting surface apex to the object point l : longitudinal spherical aberration dy : transversal spherical aberration

This calculation page can not detect all unrealistic inputs.

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