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frequently asked questions

Why the number of digits after the decimal point is not always the same?

in general, there are 6 digits after the decimal point but in some cases, the precision of calculation allows a smaller number of digits.

why does a wavelength value appear on the top of the result table when I enter a glass reference instead of a refraction index value?

The computation is then done with the refraction index of the selected glass at a ( default ) wavelength of 0.55 m. You can change this wavelength by clicking on the "wavelengths" link.

Can I make a quick search of computation pages without clicking in the "calculations" menu?

Yes, you can find a computation page by enterring pertinent key words in the "search" cell at the top of any page.

Why can't I login simultaneously in several browsers?

It is because given identifiers work for a single user. Consequently, when trying to login in several browsers simultaneously, you are are considered as several different users trying to login with the same identifiers.

Why can't I re login immediately after having closed and re opened my browser?

It is because your session has to finish before re-logging. To avoid this problem, we recommend you to logout before closing your browser.

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